How to Get Your Free Press

If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, general contractor, or entrepreneur, we want to hear from you! The Free Press Pub is dedicated to providing an online voice for people just like you and for companies like yours.
The Free Press Pub specializes in providing a platform for small and local businesses and especially for service providers. This includes general contractors and home improvement experts, as well as area businesses that specialize in local services for homeowners and business owners. We are proud to provide you a voice for sharing information about your business and why it’s so vital and why you think your company is exceptional in your industry.

The Free Press Pub would also like to know about innovations in your field or industry as a whole. If you’ve recently discovered new technology, improved equipment and processes, or a more economic way to provide your service, we’d love to hear more! Hopefully our site will serve to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs and those in related fields who might benefit from hearing about those innovations and implementing them in their everyday business.

Submissions We Prefer

Along with specializing in local contractors and small business owners, the Free Press Pub would prefer that all information, press releases, and blog articles be complete before submission. Our editors work diligently to ensure that information we post on this site is newsworthy and valuable to readers, and you can make that process go much more smoothly if you keep information composed properly and submit it only when ready for publication.

It’s also helpful to note why you feel your information is vital and newsworthy and helpful to others. Tell us why your service is important for homeowners and business owners and why your company stands out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to show your pride in your business, as any small business owner, freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur should be proud of their successes! Your voice becomes much more valuable to our readers when you ensure they receive your message as to why your company stands above the rest. Get in touch with us today!

The Free Press Pub also enjoys hearing about innovation in industry and small business ownership, including stories of how various technology, products, and services didn’t perform as expected! Your voice and experiences are useful to others who might be searching for that same innovation themselves and can use your knowledge in making the right buying choices for their company. Good or bad, we want to hear about changes in your industry and business sector.

Why We’re Picky

While the Free Press Pub enjoys hearing from a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs, understand that we are often picky when it comes to the stories we share. Our editorial standards are high and we need to ensure that our audience will benefit as much as possible from our work and your stories.

To that end, we do use discretion in the stories and press releases we post and reserve the right to reject any submission without notice. We hope you understand and will stop by our site often and continue to share your stories and successes with others.