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Fort Collins Roofing Company

Fort Collins Roofing Company Makes Storm Damage Repairs Easy for Homeowners!

The home improvement experts at Fort Collins Roofing Company know how difficult it is for homeowners to face roof repairs whenever they’re needed, but especially so after a storm. Not only does storm damage mean having to find a roofing contractor in Fort Collins and arranging to get those repairs done as needed, but many homeowners then wonder if such repairs are covered by their homeowner’s insurance and, if so, how to file a claim!

With that in mind, Fort Collins Roofing Company is proud to provide a streamlined roof inspection and repair process especially designed for storm damaged roofs in mind. Our process begins even before you pick up the phone and call, as Fort Collins Roofing Company ensures that our team is ready for fast repairs once stormy weather reaches the area!

Our roofing contractors at Fort Collins Roofing Company are experts when it comes to inspecting residential and commercial roofs for storm damage in particular, whether that’s a hailstorm, strong rains, high winds, or heavy snowfall, all of which wreak havoc on a home’s roof. Every roofing contractor at Fort Collins Roofing Company is highly-trained at inspecting roof shingles, tiles, flashing, chimney brick, and other roofing surfaces for chips, dents, tears, and other storm-related damage.

Once inspections are completed, the team at Fort Collins Roofing Company works diligently to ensure a homeowner fully understands the process for storm damage compensation. While every homeowner’s insurance policy is different, Fort Collins Roofing Company has worked with all the leading insurance providers in the area and understands how to read and understand those policies easily! For homeowners who aren’t sure if damage is covered by their policy and for those who are new to filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, the administrative staff at Fort Collins Roofing Company is happy to help and answer any questions they can.

Of course, there is no more important part of the process than making quick roof repairs to storm ravaged roofs and especially after a strong hailstorm, as missing or damaged shingles and torn flashing allow for interior water leaks and resultant mold growth. The longer the repairs are put off, the more extensive and expensive they become! Hail is often especially damaging to residential roofs, as the weather conditions that create hail tend to tear at shingles and other roofing materials while hailstones themselves might dent, rip, or otherwise damage a home’s roof.

High-quality roofing materials are also your best choice for avoiding future damage to a home’s roof, which is why Fort Collins Roofing Company also uses only factory certified shingles, tiles, and flashing, and also works with homeowners to help them choose the right roofing materials for their home. A new metal roof is an excellent choice for the Fort Collins area, while high-quality shingles also ensure roof repairs that last.

Fort Collins Roofing Company is also proud to offer homeowners more eco-friendly options for a home’s roof than ever before, including durable metal. Metal roofs are recyclable so you know your home’s roof won’t wind up in a landfill when replaced.

Whatever your needs for storm damage roof repair, Fort Collins Roofing Company is happy to help and that includes ensuring that every homeowner has the assistance they need in filing claims with their homeowner’s insurance carrier. Our team also works diligently to keep up with the latest innovations in roofing materials and repair processes, so that every Fort Collins homeowner enjoys a strong and sturdy roof every day of the year!